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Sun Aug 03 - Women's only Flat clinic Iowa City, IA | starts at 5:00 PM | Event Type: Safety/Education/Training | Distance: n/a | Host: World Of Bikes | #Views 49
|It's not quite as easy as it may sound. Sure your hubby and the guy at the bike shop can change a flat in no time, but are you comfortable enough to do it yourself? We want you to be. We will have a female-lead flat clinic. We will demonstrate how to...read more

Sun Aug 10 - Casual Ride Sunday- Iowa City Area-Women On Wheels Iowa City, IA | starts at 9:00 AM | Event Type: Other | Distance: varies, we will ride for 1-2 hours | Host: World Of Bikes | #Views 109
|Ladies! It's Sunday, let's ride!! Let's meet at 8:45 to get riding by 9:00am! We will decide on the route once everyone is gathered. This is a NO DROP ride! We will ride between 10-15mph and no one will be left on their own. Plan on a coffee/snack st...read more

Wed Aug 27 - Chamois Time #4 - 2014 Iowa City, IA | starts at 6:30 PM | Event Type: Gravel Ride | Distance: 13 miles (2 laps) except Juniors who will do 1 lap, 6.5 miles. | Host: Iowa City Women's Cycling | #Views 205
|Chamois Time Race #4: August 27, 2014Race format: Gravel road race Location: Iowa City, IA (see map below)....read more


Local Iowa City Resident Riding Bamboo Bike Across Iowa to Raise Money


Iowa City Resident, Vanessa Fixmer-Oraiz, is riding her recently built up Bamboo Bike across Iowa with the rest of RAGBRAI. The difference is, that she is hoping to raise enough money for a bamboo processing operation in the Philippines (where she worked as a Fullbright Scholar). What’s more, Vanessa has built her bike from the ground up! You can read about her efforts here. She took the initiative to engage Bike Librarians (Bike Library Volunteers), and has essentially built the bike up herself – including lacing hubs to rims and tensioning and truing the wheels. The result, a mighty fine … Continue reading

  • Local Iowa City Resident Riding Bamboo Bike Across Iowa to Raise Money
  • Giving back to our community
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  • Auction supports young riders
  • Read all about it!
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  • Burlington Street Proposal
  • Iowa River Power Dam Pedestrian Bridge to Remain Closed
  • Culinary Ride highlighted in Adventure Cycling blog
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