Be a part a group of constituents who want a complete bicycle network.

Is your street a good candidate for a bike boulevard? Talk to you neighbors or neighborhood association. Listing of Neighborhood associations:

Write or set up a meeting with your City Council members:

Write a Letter to the Editor:

Following are addresses for contacting state officials representing Johnson County.

Bob Dvorsky, District 15
James Hahn, District 40
Joe Bolkcom, District 39
Sandy Greiner, District 45

Simply copy & paste the following addresses into an email:

Nate Willems, District 29
Mary Mascher, District 77
Jeff Kaufmann, District 79
David Jacoby, District 30
Vicki Kensing, District 78
Jared Klien, District 89

Simply copy & paste the following addresses into an email:

Think Bicycles links cyclists and bicycling groups with City, County and State officials in order to foster and expand all aspects of bicycling in Johnson County. This includes efforts to educate all roadway users, to expand cycling infrastructure, to increase access to transportation and recreational trails, and to encourage more community members to ride bicycles more often.

We continue to advocate for bicycles as viable forms of transportation

and foster an environment where bicycles belong on roads.

Common Concerns and How You Can Help

Bicycle Networks

Share the Road: Bike Safety and Enforcement

Bike Parking Facilities

Transit Facilities


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