Write a Letter to the Editor

Reach thousands of people for free: Write a Letter to the Editor. This is the number one way to spread the word about improving bicycling in Johnson County. Letters from the heart and short letters are often the most read and effective.

Here are examples of one or two lines that could be the basis of a letter:

- Please increase the number of trails, bike lanes, and shared lane arrows (sharrows) on our roadways. The high costs of fuel and carbon emissions, means more people would ride bikes if we had more facilities.

- I will vote for __________, who supports bicycling, because our residents deserve choices in transportation and a community with clean air and great recreational opportunities.

- I’ll be voting for the candidate that supports bicycling in our community.

To write a great letter, just think about why you support bicycling and write a few lines down and email it in. Solon, North Liberty, Lone Tree residents — don’t forget the local paper.

Iowa City Press Citizen

Cedar Rapids Gazette

The Daily Iowan

North Liberty Leader

Solon Economist

Lone Tree Reporter

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