Bike Parking

In response to the ever-growing number of cyclists and to promote cycling as a healthy, environmentally sustainable form of transportation, the cities of Iowa City and Coralville and the University of Iowa strive to install bike racks at all public destinations. In addition, the covered bike racks and bike lockers allow you to park your bike out of the rain and snow.

Bicycle Commuter Guide

Bicycle Parking Guide
This document contains information about bike parking and bike lockers in Iowa City and Coralville, along with a map of bike rack locations.

Covered Bike Parking

  • Old Capitol Mall Parking Ramp (Clinton Street entrance)
  • Iowa City Public Library (north of entrance on Linn Street)
  • U of I Hospital Parking Ramp 2 (east and southwest entrances) and Ramp 4 north entrance)
  • Iowa Memorial Union Parking Ramp (level 4-Cleary Walkway entrance)
  • Eckstein Medical Research Bld. (south side)
  • Medical Research Center (north entrance)
  • Nursing Building (south entrance)

Bike Lockers

Court Street Multimodal Transportation Parking Ramp (Court Street and S. Dubuque). Contact the Iowa City Parking Department for rates and availability at 356-5094.

2 Responses to Bike Parking

  1. Carissa says:

    The map only shows 5 bike racks in Caoralville. Can that be right? I am looking for somewhere to park my bike near Gordmans in Coralville. Is there a bike rack near by? Any suggestions?

    • KAckerson says:

      The map of bike racks only includes public racks at public facilities. There are racks at private businesses and multi-family residential buildings in both Iowa City and Coralville.

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