Light the Night

Did you get a citation from Iowa City Police for not using a front white light and a rear red reflector/light? Now there is a way to have the fine waived! Simply follow these three simple steps within 10 days of the infraction:

  1. Purchase and install the necessary light(s) at a local bike shop. At least one light must be purchased to get your citation stamped – if a patron brings one light from home and buys one light, you’ll get stamped. Patrons may install the lights themselves or have the bike shop install the light(s) – note there may be a small installation fee. Lights must be installed at time of purchase to receive the stamp.
  2. Once both front and rear lights are properly installed the citation will be stamped by the bike shop.
  3. Mail or drop off your stamped citation at: Iowa City Police Dept. at 410 E. Washington St. If this was your first infraction, the officer will tear-up your citation and you won’t need to pay the fine!

The program is available during the first 10 days from the date the citation was issued and only for the first citation. After this time period, the citation will be processed as normal.

The State Code of Iowa states:

321.397 LAMPS ON BICYCLES. Every bicycle shall be equipped with a lamp on the front exhibiting a white light, form sundown to sunup, visible from a distance of at least three hundred feet to the front and with a lamp on the rear exhibiting a red light visible from a distance of three hundred feet to the rear; except that a red reflector may be used in lieu of a rear light. A peace officer riding a police bicycle is not required to use either front or rear lamps if duty so requires.

This program is sponsored by: Think Bicycles of Johnson Co., the City of Iowa City Police Department, and Bicyclists of Iowa City.

Thank you for advancing safety in IC through your participation in the Light the Night Program!

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  3. Carol Williams says:

    Hi, the new Ames Bicycling Coalition is very interested in starting a similar program. I’d love to know how you go started. Who did you get on board first? bike shops? police? Did you also work with your campus police?

    How do you think the program is working? any big problems? Biggest obstacles to getting it started? I know from having children in school in Iowa City that some of their friends got a chance to see the program work first hand….:) which means it must be working.

    thanks in advance….hoping to be in your fair city next Saturday …Feb 8…if there is someplace i could stop to pick up info.

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